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Sarah Lipton

Christy Haussler

11: Living Truth

11 Living Truth

Welcome to another episode of GENUINE, the podcast!

Spring is finally taking wing here in Vermont, and because of the frantic pace of everything, we want to offer you this episode, to give you a chance to calm down and just be for a little bit. Today's episode is called "Living Truth" because when when we slow down to be present with our experience, we are, in fact, living truth.

We’re talking about being present and mindfulness today. My interview with John Bailes, an old friend and teacher of mine, gives us an introduction to mindfulness. John lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, (which he claims is the hipster capital of the world!) and John is a long-time practitioner of meditation. I have worked closely with him on my own journey, with meditation, mindfulness, awareness, presence, and the deeper elements of how to be human.

Now, we invite you to give yourself some time to sit back, relax, listen and just be.

Show highlights:

  • John talks about what he does in the world and what he teaches people to do.
  • John explains what it means to be a Zen priest.
  • A large part of John’s work entails helping people open to the vulnerability of being exactly where they are in the present moment.
  • John explains where the dedication of his community lies and what they practice.
  • John talks about the Zen vow to opening and explains how it affects people.
  • John describes what happens in a seven-day intensive session.
  • Empowering people to let go.
  • When we are fully who we are, it allows others to be fully who they are.
  • Most people allow fear to run their lives. And they don’t trust.
  • John explains what he means by saying that we are trapped by the grammar and syntax of our constructed world.
  • John defines the word ‘genuine’.
  • John urges you to follow your own path as it opens before you. It will not be a straight line, nor what you imagined it to be.
  • Being present is being fully alive.
  • Presence has become a buzz-word in the world of psychology today.
  • I lead you through a simple way to be mindful and explain what that will bring to you.
  • It is vital that you feel worthy as a leader.

Links and resources:

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  3. Jeffrey Lipton, pottery:

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