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Sarah Lipton

Sarah Lipton

The Power of Lineage

The Power of Lineage

heron at a London park, photo by Sarah Lipton

In order to move forward towards our vision, we must look back and embrace the resources at our disposal.

This is like the earth accepting the power of the sun, which keeps us warm and allows plants and animals to grow and flourish. The sun is our resource, and also provides our vision.

The very fact that we come from somewhere means we are part of a lineage. The power in connecting with that lineage is that it gives us roots. When our roots go deep, just like the towering oak, we are able to reach further into the sky - out into the world - and grow luscious acorns that will drop and grow new trees.

As leaders, if we are able to reconnect to our own lineages (whatever that means to you personally), we are able to reconnect to innate strength. Acknowledging the power of lineage is the key to recognizing the depth of resources at our fingertips.

Lineage is what anchors us so that we can thrive. Lineage is where our roots go deep. The information, wisdom and all the other inheritances of lineage stream through those roots, allowing our branches, leaves and flowers to stem forth.

Here at the top of the year, take a moment to look behind you and see what is there. Who is at your back? Can you feel the power of your lineages, chosen and inherited, right there ready to support you with whatever you need?

So often, we forget to pay attention to what is at our back. Unless it is in pain, we even forget that we have a back! We take for granted where we have come from and who we met along the way.

Take a moment now, pause, and feel the back of your body. Now feel the environment around your back.

Opening up to our 365 degree experience is imperative for a genuine embodiment of our leadership path.

So let us take some time in the coming days to do just that - reconnect to our source. Take a moment and recognize where you have come from - this is your resource, and will inform everything that you have to offer to the world tomorrow and in the weeks, months and years to come.

This article was inspired by the work I do with my individual clients. By pausing and reflecting on where we have come from and who helped us along the way, we strengthen our resilence to face whatever is coming. As leaders, it is particularly important to reflect this way, acknowleding and honoring the path that brought us to this place. This is the depth that we can then offer in the expression of our leadership.

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