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Sarah Lipton

Sarah Lipton

The Harmony of Dissonance: ageless connections

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Spanning two continents and stretching over 100 years, distant-yet-close cousins Regina Krummel and Sarah Lipton explore the richly flawed territory of relationship between generations, both ancestral and alive. The potent intimacy of the story they weave through their vivid correspondence illuminates a truly human journey of discovery.

"It took us over five years of correspondance to write this journey, but we've done so not only to guide ourselves back home to each other, our inheritance, and ourselves, but for as a guide for you, dear reader, to find yourself on your own journey back home, to yourself." ~ Sarah Lipton

As Walt Whitman once wrote: "we contain multitudes," and this is exactly what is explored inside this timely book.

Here's an excerpt:

In the beginning, we do not necessarily know our story.

It was that way for me when I started writing with my long-lost cousin Regina (Rifke or Rifkele, to me), cousin of my late grandmother (Mildred, Nana, to me), is a human who, as you will see, has always seen me.

For many years, I searched for belonging. I stridently took to the road to find myself in the world. I sank deep onto the meditation cushion to find myself. I traveled back in place, and almost, in time, to find myself amongst the reeds by my ancestral river.

And in the end, the only place I ever truly found myself was in the journey of writing this book, cousin Rifke by my side all along the way. It is through story that we meet ourselves. It is through discovering the tapestry of our ancestors that we begin to meet our inheritance. Meeting our ancestors shakes the chaff from the grain and the extraneous substance blows up and away from the rich harvest. Who we actually are is finally revealed in all our grainy glory beneath.

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