Sarah Lipton

Past events

  • 2021
    • February
        • Positive Mind Challenge Kick-OffGENUINE

          Work with your Mind. Give yourself the gift of meditation.

          • Have you been longing for support in establishing or strengthening your meditation practice?
          • Are you looking for a way to settle your mind in the midst of this global pandemic?
          • Are you tired of a mind that doesn't feel as fluid, positive or peaceful as you'd like?

          If the answer is yes to any of these questions, we Welcome you.

          In this 22-day guided audio meditation journey, you will receive step-by-step instruction and guidance for establishing or deepening your meditation practice.

          The daily meditations are geared for our busy lives and ask you only to find a quiet place to be still for 5-10 minutes. You will be guided each day on an unfolding and supported journey.

          Sign up now to receive these bonus gifts:

          • A special workbook to support your practice
          • Special practices geared to help you bring your meditation practice alive in your everyday experience
          • An accountability partner to keep you on track with your practice
          • And....a special surprise gift to support your meditation practice when you share a video testimonial with us at the very end about your experience!

          It's really very simple. We've designed this so it will be affordable, accessible, and transformative. Don't wait. Sign up now by joining us at GENUINE: