Sarah Lipton

Gabe Lajeunesse Financial Advisor Montpelier VT
Working with Sarah has been a great blessing in my life. Her approach helped me navigate a challenging business opportunity as I merged practices with a retiring financial advisor. The complexities associated with differences in substance and style, in relationships with clients and staff, and even business development models between my partner and I were staggering, Sarah's unique approach to mentoring, involving contemplation and life mapping, helped me to work through priorities, identify support structures and capacities, and close doors on those areas of my life and practice that were blocking progress.
Sarah helped me identify my core objectives, which allowed me to reshuffle priorities and chart a purpose driven path forward. While the answers are inside ourselves, and maybe I could have worked through it on my own, I could not have done as quickly and clearly without Sarah's mentorship. The end result of our work together was a highly successful retirement transition of my former business partner, strengthened relationships with clients and staff, and a concrete view of ideal clients and practice strengths that allow me to grow in healthy ways, well into the future. If you have a major leadership transition in front of you, working with Sarah is one of the best things you could do.

Gabe Lajeunesse, Financial Advisor, Montpelier, VT