Sarah Lipton

Jim Infantino Slabmedia Boston MA
Sarah is my Leadership Mentor, but what she does is much more than helping me be a better leader. She helps me find perspective on my various projects, generate a positive and kind attitude to my many activities and to myself, and most importantly reminds me of the importance for staying present in my work life and personal life. We have all seen coaching that integrates mindfulness, but Sarah's expertise in this is outstanding. The benefits are vast and powerful. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to do what they do much much better.

In my meetings with Sarah, I get a feeling of an expanded space. It's as if my mind has more room to move than before we talk. Through practicing with her, just being where I am, I can see new possibilities in that space and new directions to go. The claustrophobia of my working environment dissolves, and I get a glimpse, however fleetingly, of my own freedom. Then Sarah provides a way to practice being where I am so I can get back to that space and freedom when I need it most.

Jim Infantino, Slabmedia, Boston, MA