Sarah Lipton

J Bradley Materick Burlington VT

The class I took from Sarah focused on embodiment—being present in my body in order to more directly and fully experience my reality. This focus was perfect for me because I am a person who spends most of my time living up in my head. I have been involved with academics all my life, first as a student and for the past twenty years as a teacher, and this profession has enhanced my natural tendency to spend a great deal of time THINKING about the world and breaking it down in terms of academic disciplines and concepts and theories. My habitual pattern is to intellectualize my experience rather than actually FEELING my experience as it happens. Sarah’s Presence Point class was very challenging for me, but also extremely enlightening. It was wonderful to dedicate time and take part in activities that encouraged me to simply FEEL my body and how it interacts with the world. Throughout the class, Sarah was an energetic, compassionate and knowledgeable teacher and leader. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to develop the capacity to experience the world more fully and richly.

J. Bradley Materick, Burlington, VT