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Sarah Lipton

I have known Sarah and her work in my capacity as the President of Shambhala. We are a global network that offers contemplative practices for people from all walks of life, interested in creating enlightened society. We needed an online community news magazine to serve our worldwide members. Once “Shambhala Times” was developed, we needed a creative, inspiring and determined editor-in-chief to spearhead it. That person was Sarah. To do that, she had to create an international team of volunteer correspondents, editors and photographers.

That meant reaching out, guiding, encouraging and sustaining a whole team, essentially by phone, skype, email and social media. She was not able to offer any inducements, like money or awards. She had to make this happen on the strength of her leadership, the warmth of her personality and the delight people felt in working with her and contributing to the project. The results have spoken for themselves. We started with a handful of articles and photos. Today, a new feature story appears six days a week, and the site is visited an average of 10,000 times a week. True to the original inspiration of a community news magazine, at least 98% of all Shambhala Times 2,645 stories have been by local community members. I need say nothing more. Sarah’s leadership speaks for itself.

Richard Reoch, London, UK