Sarah Lipton

Erin Lander Founder at Good Culture Works
I had the pleasure of partnering with Sarah to offer leadership coaching and training to the management team at SunCommon in 2018. Sarah's collaborative, inquiry-based approach allowed us to develop an effective program that included both individual coaching and group trainings focusing on areas of interest to the organization. She took the time to understand the goals of the organization, the personalities and priorities of the decision makers, and the resources available - it was a really lovely partnership. Sarah created and delivered a workshop about managing stress as a manager that was engaging and enlightening, and utilized various modalities to ensure each participant was conntected to the training. There are learnings from that session that I still implement regularly almost three years later. I highly recommend Sarah - her customized, collaborative approach will ensure your goals are met in an effective, engaging way.

Erin Lander, Founder at Good Culture Works